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Chronicle High Five SubStack Class System
Server: Craft-PvP - Easy start, without difficult character leveling Vitality+ExpRune.
Max 4 Windows process of lineage per IP.
EXP/SP: x15 / Adena: 25x
Drop: x5 / Spoil: x5
Quest: x1 / Epaulettes: x5
Fame: x3 / Manor: x3

Subclass on GrandMaster level - 78 / Max lvl 85
Subclass avalibles: 1 for Subclass Stack Skills system (Same Race)
SubClass Certifications Skill: 6 Emergent Abilitys, 3 Bassed Class, 3 Echanters
Noblesse 3 diferents ways (Nobles GEM drop Barakiel NoNeedQuest, TerritoryWar Badges, Donate)
Automatic potions use (HP/MP/CP/Souls)
Starting System - Press couple buttons and you ready to play
Alt+B Community Board with everything you need (Shop, Buffer, SpecialShops,Donate, Etc)


Class 1 vs 1
Required 7 players to start match
Skills reused after every match
Heroes Changing every 1 month
Olympiad start time 15:00 end 21:00 [GMT/UTC-3]
From start server Enchant limit +6
Hero obtain hero skills both classes


Safe Enchant: +4 (Full Body)
Max Armor/Jewel +10 Max Weapon +16
Simple Scrolls 60%
Blessed Scrolls 66%

Max skill enchant +15/+30
Skill enchant chance 75%
Stone of Attribute = 50% (Control+RightClick for all)
Crystal of Attribute = 35% (Control+RightClick for all)


Every Sundays Sieges duration 2 hours
There are all castles sieges avalibles to registrate
1 Start time 11:00 end 13:00 [GMT/UTC-3]
2 Start time 15:00 end 17:00 [GMT/UTC-3]
Every Saturday Territory war duation 2 hours
TW Start time 15:00 end 17:00 [GMT/UTC-3]
Passive skill flags from Territory War Increase status
Not Buffer froms services avalible on sieges zones


Team vs Team
Capture the Flag
Reward System : Festival Adena

PVP ZONE Primaveral/TW/Sieges/Epics
Chaotic Zone
Rewards for pvp points typeing .pvpinfo


There are 15 Raid Bosses lvl +80
Respawn time 24 hours random +/-30
Raid Bosses Drops:
- Raid Tokens x5
- Blessed Enchant Weapon x1
- Blesed Enchant Armor x2
- Giant Codex Mastery x3
- Adena
Ember / Anais / Hekaton/ Shadit/ Tayr / Uruka / Brakki/ Horus /Death Lord Ipos
Storm Winged Naga / Queen Shyeed / Cherub Galaxia / Golkonda / Lesser Giant Olkuth / Lesser Giant Glakki
RaidTokens info:
Special Shop > Can buy Epics Jewelry
Donate Shop > Can buy Clan Points


- Jewerly 100%
- Vorpal / Elegia Parts 100%
- Clan Reputation 100%
- NotBuffer froms services avalible on instances zones


Clan penaltys 1 hour
Clan skills Royals & Knights
Score for Academy finish 600 Clan Reputation
Leaving/Kicking from Allicance (24 Hour Penalty)
Clan points can buy for Raid Tokens (5 RaidTokens = 1000 Clan points)


GM-SHOP can Armor,Weapons,Jewlery up to S-Grade Dynasty Armor/Weapons inclusive.
All Consumables / Mix items that u need through your game adventure all Shots/Mana/Heal/Pets/Clan and more can be found
Auto Learn Skills
All Forgotten Scrolls in [GM shop]
Auto Loot
GM SHOP Shots/Arrows/Potions
Increased Weight penalty
Buff Slots 24+4 (+4 from divine books) Dance/Songs 12 Slots
No Sub-Class Quest
No Noblesse Quest
30 Seconds Unstuck
Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% (Talismans WORKING)
Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90%
Spawn Protection
Drop Items At Karma
Offline Shop/Craft System
PvP System Ultrakill/MonsterKill/Killinspree and more
Unique Economy System by Adena / RaidTokens / Donate Coins
Stable Platform
Balanced Buffs/Skills/Classes Tested
Full HighFive geodata / pathnode
Champion System Monsters
Event Medal System Monster
Server have NPC buffer in services
Normal buffs durations: 1 HOUR
Chant of Victory Time 5 min / 4 time Reuse
Victory of Paagrios Time 5 min / 4 time Reuse
Dances / Songs Time 5 min
Profecy of Wind Time 5 min
Profecy of Water Time 5 min
Profecy of Fire Time 5 min
Gift of Seraphin Time 4 min
Blessing of Seraphin Time 4 min
Blessing of Queen Time 4 min
Gift of Queen Time 4 min
Counter Critical Time 20 min
Gate Chant 5 minutes Reuse
Special Stats on classes > Spectral Dancer / Sword Mouse 10%+ ( Pdef/Mdef/ Patak/Matak)

NPC buffer filter after Resurrection outside of town 30 seconds / inside towns 5 seconds.
Sieges Zones NPC buffer is not avalible dont work.
Instances zones NPC buffer is not avalible dont work.

Quests Recommends to guide newbies in server:
Icarus Weapons S80
Jude's Request (Global GK> HB Zones> Anomic Foundrys)
Reward: Evil Weapon 5x=10 Weapons Pieces / 100x = 1 recipe

Vesper Weapons S84
Legendary Tales 7RB (Global GK> Giran> DragonValley)
Reward: Vesper Weapon of choise

Moirari S80 Armor Recipes/Parts
SPOILING (Global GK> TowerInfinitum 1-10)

Aceptables Suggestions from Clan Leaders